Uncharted potential…or wasted time?


How many times have you been with someone you were unhappy with, but continued to stick around because you saw “specks” of potential? Nevermind the guy/girl cheats, talks disrespectfully, or gives off the impression they could care less about you or the relationship. All you do is remember when “times were wonderful”. That time they surprised you with something you really wanted, or took you on that romantic date……last year. Women fall victim to this more so than men because the truth of the matter is we feel time will run out for us, if we ditch the jerk and try to find someone new. Men will dump a woman in a New York minute and be with someone else before his ex can even realize she’s single! A woman will attempt to wait for their partner to “come around”, constantly making excuses for their actions up to and including placing blame on themselves for the lack of attention from their other half. “Maybe their just having a bad day”, “maybe I am being overbearing”, “they just need some time”. On and on we go until one faithful day we get that text saying ITS OVER! No explanation, no apology for the fact, it’s just OVER. In reality it’s BEEN over in their minds, it’s been over since they began treating you differently. While you were thinking a bad day turned to a bad week to the fact that your just an overbearing, insecure, homely woman that needs to spruce it up a bit they have already been detaching from you and moving on to something new. So now your finding yourself stalking their Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram, and trying to find a way to hack into their friends accounts as well because they caught on to you and blocked you from it all! All you were doing was trying to obtain closure right??? WRONG!!! What you were doing was WASTING MORE OF YOUR TIME and this time it’s your own fault! While your trying to intern for the FBI they are moved on to someone new, and only think of you when they check their phones and see 25 missed calls from YOU! While you are searching for closure you are giving them THEIRS! You are affirming the fact that they are the prized possession, you are missing out, and they were lucky to get out while they could because not only are you overbearing but your INSANE! Now your not just “the ex” but the “crazy bitch!”.
Ladies, we have to turn this around! Call it “act like a lady think like a BOSS!!”. First off you have to stop ONLY REMEMBERING THE GOOD TIMES you two shared and remember THE BAD TIMES AS WELL. If things were so peachy you guys would still be together. Sure recall the gift and last years date so that you can know for yourself what makes you happy and be able to tell your next partner. But also remember the nights you spent crying your eyes out alone, the idea that they were cheating, their lack of attention to the details of you. Remember the broken promises and helpless feelings you had. ONLY then will you see that the bad outweighed the good and even though it’s a fact you gave your all and loved them you have to realize they didn’t do the same and you DESERVE better!! For your next relationship realize the good and bad characteristics sooner but be careful not to take out your frustrations for your ex onto your NEXT! You loss the shot to treat them like shit like they did you so don’t treat someone that has nothing to do with them like it. Women (and men) be empowered to obtain the love you deserve and don’t accept ANYTHING LESS!!




  1. queensoulsista · October 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on Queensoulsista's Blog and commented:
    Great read for women or for anyone carrying their hearts deep in pain of a relationship that’s not working anymore. Regardless of your hearts emotion.


  2. joelyn walker · January 8, 2015

    Great motivation for those that are still keeping their fist closed instead of opened to receive something new.


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